INSPIRE Church is very excited to announce the small group lineup for 2021! It is never too late to sign up for a small group! Please view our small group lineup and signup by clicking the button below!


Time: Every other Sunday, 4pm @ Crozier’s Home

“Come enjoy bible study, fellowship, & snacks as we grow in our faith throughout the year!”- Pam Engelsman, Group leader

Time: 6pm in Inspire Gym

“Come join other young families as we grow together! We’ll have food, fun, fellowship & definitely grow in our faith.” -Pastor Keith, Group leader

Time: 7pm in Millard Lodge @ Inspire Church

“This group will explore ways that women can be freed of worldly expectations and empowered to serve Jesus authentically, joyfully, and guilt free. Content will be specific to adult women.”-Leslie Anderson, Group leader

TIme: 6pm in the Student Center

“To grow deeper together in our knowledge, love, and passion for being a Christian. Remaining rooted in the promises God gives us thru the Bible.”- Alisha Stitt, Group leader

Time: 6pm in the Student Center

“All our Middle Schoolers are invited to explore the “Parables” – the major stories Jesus told to illustrate a point or message. We will learn what they tell us about God and ourselves as well as see how they can serve as a guide to us still today.”- Alisha Stitt, Group Leader


Time: Every other Monday, 6pm-8pm @ Coldiron Home

“We welcome all senior saints to enjoy a community of fellowship & mission.”- Peggy Coldiron, Group leader

Time: 6pm in Millard Lodge @ Inspire Church

“Inspired Sisters who want to learn how to pray when we don’t know what to say.”- Hannah Luker, Group leader


Time: 6pm at Sherfield Home

“Discover a diverse group longing for a community in which we can connect with one another, Grow together in our faith, and serve our surrounding community”- Pastor Colin, Group leader


Time: 6pm in Millard Lodge @ Inspire Church

“We are a group of ladies pursuing health both inside and out! Lets get physically and spiritually fit together.”- Sue Burkle, Group Leader

Time: 9:30am @ Camp Inspire

“We are daughters in Christ and moms! Together with our kids we grow in our relationships with each other and with Jesus. Join us for a walk, playtime and fellowship.”- Courtney Sikkenga, Group leader


Time: 7pm in Millard Lodge @ Inspire Church

“Men pursuing God’s will in our lives, family, and community.”- Matt Stitt, Group leader