“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Jesus 

We love this teaching at Inspire Church and dive into its truth in the many ways you see here.  Here’s an interesting value we’ve found in serving others: blessings and benefits tend to pour back into our own lives!  Are you ready for the adventure of ‘doing for others’?

See if any of these ways to give to others resounds with you.


Each Sunday morning worship service requires lots of help from people with visual, musical, and technical skills.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is helping others develop their faith. Are you being called to help kids, students, new believers, or experienced believers while also nurturing your faith?


Would you like to welcome people to church or help give people an opportunity to connect with others? 

Office and Admin

Some people enjoy working behind-the-scenes and drinking coffee. Do you have the spiritual gift of administration? *coffee is optional


Lend a helping hand to someone in the community with local outreach opportunities, or help someone you may never get a chance to meet by supporting global outreach.

Building and Maintenance

If you enjoy working with your hands or using riding lawnmowers, you can use your gifts to maintain or improve the church building and property.