Greetings INSPIRE!

I hope and pray you are sensing God move as we kick off the month of June.  If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can be sure that uncertain times will come, but even more than that, our God will be FAITHFUL!  I am praising Him for that and for all of you.

As you all know, we have been working hard on the plan for when we re-open on site services here at the INSPIRE Campus. Today I would like to share with you the plan that our leadership has been diligently praying about and working on.

First, let me start with the “why”.  Our motivation for restarting on site services is not to make people like us or dislike us.  We are doing this all because of JESUS!  We want to be faithful to His call to “make Christlike disciples (Matthew 28:20) by providing an environment where we can 1) Encounter God, 2) be safe and 3) feel like home. 

With that in mind, we want you to know we will be re-starting on site services on June 14, 2020

Knowing that there are many different opinions and views on what is and is not the best idea for gathering together again, we have created a plan that we believe meets as many people’s needs as we can without compromising the mission of Jesus and His Church. The plan is as follows:

Beginning June 14, we will provide 3 opportunities for worship each Sunday:

  1. 9am – Drive In Church (only for the next few weeks)
  2. 10:30 – Online Live Worship through Facebook Live
  3. 10:30 – 3 On Site Environments (each with a room host) to accommodate for reduced capacity due to social distancing
    • Worship CenterSeating will be reduced to 50% capacity. There will also be removal of rows for social distancing.
    • The Gym – 50% capacity at individual tables (1 family per table or 4 person max)
    • The Student Center – This will be a Mask Required Environment (although masks can be worn in ANY of our worship spaces)


Here is how we are planning on safeguarding our framily:

  • Social distancing will be required in all INSPIRE spaces.
  • All of our Worship service environments will all be “Family Worship Style” (with no children’s church and kids to remain with parents throughout the service).
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitizing.
    • Sanitizing stations throughout church (especially outside bathrooms)
  • “Touch Free” Environment (including offering boxes, bulletins and even “BYOC!” – Bring Your Own Coffee…).
  • Directional Arrows to help our framily know exactly where to go.


We also know the importance of our church feeling like “home” so we are also planning on adding the following “homie touches”:

  • Social Distance Interactions
    • Hug and Hand Shake signs
    • Interactive questions for pre-service discussion while maintaining social distancing
  • Visible Leadership to welcome people and make our framily feel at home.
  • “Welcome Home” Signs around the campus
  • Dismissal to interact in parking lot after the service.


I would also ask you to take time between now and June 14 to PRAY.  I believe now more than ever we need to hear His Voice leading us as a church to where He is calling us to go.

This is an UNPRECEDENTED time, but God has and will be faithful!  Thank you for your unwavering support of INSPIRE Church as we continue to do what we can to INSPIRE people to know, follow and love Jesus.

Let’s Let Christ’s LOVE lead the way!

Pastor Keith