Ways we GO (Keep Going)

We GO (Keep going) because that’s what Jesus calls us to do and that’s where the “fullest possible life” is. The needy are worth it. Those in our neighborhoods and around the world are worth it. Our Savior Jesus says GOING to them and serving them is worth it. We know you can’t do EVERYTHING, but we can all do SOMETHING. So what is He calling you to do?


Not all kids at our local schools have full cupboards over the weekend.  For parents who desire it, our Hand2Hand ministry provides a weekend bag of kid-friendly food to those students. Here are a few ways you can be involved: Donate Food, Pack Backpacks, Deliver Backpacks.

Each spring and fall (and sometimes summer), we work within our local community to meet needs.  From fixing local homes in White Cloud to working on little league ball fields, there is always a way for us to liveINSPIRED for Jesus right in our own backyard.

We are currently discerning God’s lead as we make our way into White Cloud in 2021! We are looking for faithful servants who have “servant hearts” and are willing to do “anything that’s needed”.  

Financial challenges arise for many families in our community.  We assist as we are able through our BEinspired benevolence fund. If you would like to contribute, please let the church office know.

Providing low-cost immigration services is a huge blessing to immigrants applying for legal status in the U.S.  There are many ways we can help our immigrants prepare for US Citizenship: Student Assistant,  Snack Provider, Language translator.

Our friends at TrueNorth have been working diligently to address rural poverty,  ensure youth thrive, building vibrant communities and providing innovative rural nonprofit leadership.  From delivering meals to volunteering to working at the food pantry, there are many great ways to “inspire the gap” through your service at TrueNorth!


To a starving child, hope begins with a reliable source of nutritious food.  Each day FMSC meals are distributed in schools, orphanages, clinics & feeding programs around the world.  You can give funds and kids & adults of all ages can hand-pack meals specifically designed to assist in reversing and preventing undernutrition. Our next packing opportunity will be this July right here at INSPIRE Church!

Real community transformation begins by investing in children. Sponsored children are more likely to find jobs and lift themselves and their families out of desperate cycles of violence, disease, and poverty. For $40 a month, individuals, families, and even small groups can sponsor a child through WHI.

Whether responding to natural disasters and helping with relief efforts in Hurricane and Tornado torn areas, we at Inspire Church are compelled to “be the hands and feet of Jesus” for those who are experiencing devastating loss after unexpected crises. Work is underway on planning a short-term Mission Trip in the summer of 2021. If you’re interested, please sign up on the back of this sheet. 

Those who leave family, friends, and the comforts of home to spread the Gospel could not do so without the base of supporters “back home.”  Both our financial and our prayer support are VITAL for them to be able to concentrate on and to carry out the work God has called them to do.

The generous giving of our Inspire Church family has accomplished many things, such as providing money to put in several clean water wells for villages in desperate need of clean water, providing a 15-passenger van for an orphanage in Honduras, purchasing tents to house people after the Nepal earthquake, and giving to build a church in Haiti, to name a few.

As a partner of the Wesleyan Church, WHI uses market-based and community-driven enterprise solutions to empower, protect, and build resiliency through innovative, environmentally conscious, and transformative projects.

Interested in Serving?